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Our Club has been dedicated to teaching individuals how to swim since 1959.

Our Club's History

The Venetian Aquatic Club was formed in 1959 by a group of women who were concerned with the safety of the residents in our area. The many waterways, lakes, rockpits, pools and the ocean itself, combined with our warm climate, made water safety of particular concern.


Volunteer swim instructors
            Class of 1959
Water Safety Aide graduation - May 1959
From left - Dot Day, Donna Wolfe, Edna Knight, Donna Perry and Caryl Carlson
The Venetian Aquatic Club Celebrates 50 Years of Service (in 2009)

Our Club Today

The American Red Cross is the basis for our organization. Our members are all certified American Red Cross volunteers and volunteers of the City of Coral Gables. We have adopted the American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim program and materials for teaching swimming and water safety at the Venetian Pool. The city authorizes us to use the Venetian Pool for swimming lessons, organizational meetings, teacher training and special courses as well as for social events.

Deep Water Skills
2013-08-02 10.31.53.jpg
Kick Boards
Swimming is Fun!

Our Club's Future

If you want to be part of our future, promoting swimming awareness and teaching people life saving skills, please become a volunteer.

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